Howard Stark
Real Name Howard Anthony Walter Stark
Alias(es) Mr. Stark
Species Human
Citizenship American
Gender Male
Age 31
Clearance Level n/a
Affiliation Stark Industries, Strategic Scientific Reserve
Occupation CEO of Stark Industries
Portrayed By Dominic Cooper
Howard Stark is an inventor, engineer, businessman and owner of Stark Industries. Stark works with the United States government, supplying them weapons during World War II. He worked on Project: Rebirth alongside Dr. Abraham Erskine.


World War IIEdit

Project: RebirthEdit

In 1942, at the World's Fair, Howard Stark demonstrated a prototype of a flying car but to no success as it crashes to the ground. A little later, Stark started to work on Project: Rebirth alongside Dr. Abraham Erskine. In a secret SSR facility, Stark creates a machine for Project: Rebirth and was successful in enhancing Steve Rogers to peak human conditions. After the procedure, Stark witnesses the death of Dr. Erskine at the hands of Heinz Kruger, a Nazi spy.

Powers Edit

Howard Stark does not possess any superhuman powers.

Abilities Edit

  • Genius Level Intellect: Stark is an exceptionally intelligent person, creating weapons and devices that are considered futuristic to most during World War II.
  • Master Engineer: Stark's knowledge of engineering make him one of the most feared weapons designers in the world.
  • Master Scientist: Stark has vast knowledge in the fields of Science.
  • Master Businessman: As the CEO of Stark Industries, Stark is one of the most capable businessman in the world.
  • Multilingualism: Stark is fluent in English, Latin, Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean.

Equipment Edit

Stark possess various equipment and mostly made from his inventions.

  • Vibranium Shield: Stark acquired Vibranium and turned it into a shield. He gave the shield to Captain America.
  • Hovercar: Stark demonstrated a prototype version of a Hovercar at the World's Fair 1942.
  • Camera Pen: A small photograpic camera disguised in a pen.
  • Arc Reactor: One of Stark's greatest inventions, a power source of clean energy.


Captain America SeriesEdit